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Storm Master Seamless Rain Gutter

The gutter that almost disappears!

Storm Master

Introducing Storm Master™ seamless rain gutter. This 4 inch rain gutter is our most economical rain gutter system. Available in some of today’s most popular colors, Storm Master is a perfect addition to your home.

Did you know that if you have a small fascia board, or an asphalt shingle roof, flat roof, or rock roof, it is not necessary to hang a 5 or 6 inch rain gutter from them? Putting a large rain gutter on a small fascia is like wearing glasses that are too big for your face. It looks out of balance, and it’s unnecessary. Gutters are made in different widths to accommodate various roofs. Many roofs don’t project water and therefore don’t require bigger rain gutters. If you have this kind of roof, then Storm Master Seamless Rain Gutter is the perfect choice for you.

Storm Master™ comes in:

Aluminum is a popular type of rain gutters and comes in sixty fashion colors, to match your fascia, stucco, or siding. Finding a color to match you home is never a problem. Pre-painted with a heavy baked enamel finish.
Steel is less prone to denting and perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. Pre-painted with a baked Polyester enamel finish or Kynar 500 finish.
Copper is a beautiful addition to any home or office building and is long lasting. Our Copper rain gutters are heavy and is designed to last a lifetime. Highly resistant to salt and airborne pollutants, copper is a popular choice to the San Diego area.

Our Storm Master™ Rain Gutter will stand the test of time. Ask your representative for details. The Baked Enamel finish is so durable that San Diego Rain Gutters warranties this finish for a lifetime against chipping, peeling, or blistering.

They never need painting! This is because of a special paint process that bakes the enamel right on the metal. Imagine, never having to repaint or replace old rain gutters again! Rain or shine, year after year, your new rain gutter system will keep protecting your home. We guarantee it!


  • We use heavy, quality material, we don't cut corners.
  • Only American made components are used-not the cheap imported kind!
  • Extra strong fasteners make Storm Master™ the strongest system manufactured.
    San Diego Rain Gutters uses Raytec Hangtite™ Hidden Hangers for all Storm Master™ rain gutter installations. Hidden Hangers from Raytec Manufacturing are the strongest gutter hangers available in the industry. Hidden Hangers can't be seen from the ground, making them ideal for seamless gutter installations. Hangtite™ Hidden Hangers are trademarked and manufactured by Raytec Manufacturing.
  • This rain gutter will never chip, peel, flake or blister. Ask your representative for details.
  • Made in Seamless lengths – right at your home.
  • Designed and installed to blend into your home, not standout!
  • Finished inside and out, to resist salt and pollution.
  • Built to last the life of your home.
  • Available with leaf screens installed.
  • Mates perfectly to underground drain systems.
  • Storm Master™ Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutter comes in over fifty popular colors.
  • Manufactured, installed, and warranted by one of the oldest rain gutter companies in California.
  • All of our rain gutters meet FHA, VA and SAGA requirements for strength and durability.

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