Water drips from rain gutter miter
  • Caulking hasn’t bonded properly
  • Caulking has split or pulled away
  • Miter has not been caulked
  • Recaulk miter
  • Caulk miter
Water drips from elbow at downspout
  • Downspout return is too shallow
  • Downspout outlet not sealed properly
  • Elbow installed incorrectly
  • Reslope downspout return
  • Reseat and seal outlet
  • Reinstall elbow
Water drips behind rain gutter (between gutter and fascia board)
  • Tile or shingle not out far enough
  • Roof valley improperly installed
  • Water is under shingle or tile.
  • Roof lacks proper flashing
  • Move shingle or tile out further
  • Repair valley, or shim with metal
  • Check for proper skylight, solar panel, or vent flashing.
  • Check for proper lapping on tile roofs
  • Install proper roof flashing.
  • Call a licensed roofing professional
Water drips from end of gutter
  • End caps caulking missing or broken.
  • Rake tile transferring water to gutter
  • Recaulk end cap
  • Adjust rake tile
Water drips between wall or chimney and the end of the gutter
  • To be properly flashed, the wall and chimney areas should have a 3″ piece of diverter flashing installed as part of the roof flashing. If this is missing, water cannot fall into the gutter.
Water standing in the gutterUp to 1″
  • Gutters are not sloped to drain water out. Therefore, all gutter will hold some water, this is considered normal and does not affect the performance of the rain gutter.
  • Requires no adjustment, as water will usually dissipate and evaporate within a short period of time
Water standing in the gutterOver 1″
  • Gutter not sloped enough, (depending upon length)
  • House and/or fascia board has an out of level area
  • Gutter length too long for water to dissipate
  • Lower gutter if practical
  • Add another downspout
Water overshoots the gutter (all around the house).Water overshoots the gutter (at the roof valleys).
  • Rain Gutter too narrow.
  • Water condensed in roof valleys can easily gain enough momentum to cause it to project over (overshoot) the gutter.
  • Install Rain Stop Flashing on the gutters, or replace with wider gutters.
  • Install a 15″ Baffle at all roof valleys.
Gutter pulling loose from fascia board
  • Hanger / spike bent or improperly installed
  • Wrong hanger used
  • Spikes or hangers spaced too far apart
  • Wood has dried, causing spike hole to expand
  • Spout is clogged, gutter is filling with water and this weight is pulling fasteners loose
  • Replace hanger or spike
  • Installed proper or higher quality spike
  • Install more spikes or hangers
  • Respike where necessary
  • Unclog spout and refasten gutter
Gutters overflowed during the last rain
  • Leaves, loose shingles, or some debris is blocking the downspout
  • Not enough downspouts
  • Downspout return too shallow
  • Remove blockage and clean gutte
  • install downspout strainer or the Wedge
  • Install a leaf protection system
  • Add downspouts
  • Modify return at a steeper angle
After a rain, I hear a “tapping” sound.
  • The small amount of water left in the gutter is dripping down the downspout and hitting an elbow.
  • Slope the gutter more if its a short section
  • Using spray adhesive, glue a thin sponge to the bottom kicker elbow
  • Offset the downspout at the bottom at least six inches
  • Install a vinyl spout
  • Snake a cotton rope through the downspout from the gutter to the ground. This will “wick” out the water

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