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What is the best hanger?

What is the best hanger?

Once again, there is no best hanger, just the best hanger for the job. How your gutter is fastened, is just as important as the type of gutter you select.

There are basically four kinds of fastening systems. Each system has variations.

These are:

1. The Spike and Ferrule
This is a two part system. The ferrule is a tube that is inserted inside the gutter. A ferrule keeps the width of the gutter uniform and gives it strength. It will usually take the full weight of a ladder with a person on it and not bend. The spike is driven through the face of the gutter, through the ferrule, through the back, and into the fascia board and/or rafter. This firmly nails the entire gutter to the fascia board.

2. The Hidden Hanger
The hidden hanger is a bracket that clips under the top of the front gutter hem and is secured to the back. The bracket is then screwed into the fascia board with a wood screw. Since it’s inside the gutter, it is not visible. This system also allows easy removal of the gutter, should it ever become necessary. On a slanted fascia board a “gutter wedge” is necessary.

3. The T-Bar
The T-Bar system is a suspension system. It hangs the gutter from the sub roof as opposed to fastening the gutter to the fascia board. It is usually used when tile or shingle projection exceeds the useable width of the gutter, or where the fascia board or rafters are set back too far to allow fastening.

4. Free Floating
The Free Floating system is a mounting bracket that is attached to the fascia board. The gutter is then set into this bracket. This system allows the gutter to expand and contract. It is commonly used with vinyl rain gutters, or on any gutter in which expansion and contraction is a factor (such as exceptionally long runs).

Unless all the homes in your area are build alike, avoid contractors that sell only one system to the exclusion of all others. If a contractor recommends one system over the rest, ask him why he recommends it. Reputable contractors are just as interested in keeping their gutters from falling down as you are!

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