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Seamless Copper Rain Gutters

Nothing can make a house look more dramatic
than the addition of copper rain gutters.

Seamless Copper

Rugged and beautiful Seamless Copper Rain Gutters are a beautiful addition to a any home or office building. This popular type of rain gutter (also called “Continuous”) is made right at the job site to exact size.

Our “factory on wheels” comes to your home and fits each rain gutter to the precise length needed to fit the job. Experienced technicians measure your house and fit each rain gutter to exactly the right lengths needed. Imagine, one solid piece of copper rain gutter in any length you want!

The Seamless Copper Rain Gutter from San Diego Rain Gutters, is only available in one weight – HEAVY. Made of 16 ounce copper (that’s one pound per foot) this system is designed to last a lifetime. Highly resistant to salt and airborne pollutants, copper is a popular choice for this area.

Along our beautiful ocean coast, copper quickly begins to oxidize and forms a much desired “patina” or “verdigris” look. This turquoise marbling is classic to many types of architecture. If you don’t have the patience for this natural oxidation to occur, we can apply a special chemical to hasten the patina process. Ask your sales representative for details.

Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters are available in our popular Storm Master, Black Thunder, Titan, Rain Star, Euro-Classic and American Half Round lines.

Downspouts for a copper system are traditionally rounded. However, we can also install the flat 2″ x 3″ spout, or the more decorative corrugated type. Copper leaderheads, beautiful and efficient, add an “old world” look to your system. We have over 40 different leader heads from which to choose.

Your sales representative will be happy to help you select just the right size and color to fit your needs. We’ll then give you an exact quote for installing our Seamless Copper Rain Gutters.

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